What are the different types of commercial awnings?

Commercial awnings have been used for hundreds and hundreds of years and there are a slew of different options to choose from.

Some of the types of commercial awnings include:

  • Straight slope

  • Convex

  • Concave

  • Entrance canopy

  • Rounded entrance

  • Patio canopy

  • Dome

The requirement for these types of commercial awnings depends on the use, most of the caf├ęs may employ straight slope, concave or convex type awnings and the others may be used by restaurants or hotels though there is no restriction and depends on the location and intended use.

Most of the retractable patio awning may even be used in homes on top of pergola structures, it is very inexpensive to install such awnings and are used essentially to block out the sun.

There are also retractable patio awnings available for customers as well as static ones. The requirement truly just depends from person to person and intended location as well.

These awnings can be made up of many different materials which includes fiberglass, aluminum sheets, cloth, and even plastic but as mentioned before, the general purpose is to avoid direct sunlight when sitting and/or walking through an area on a sunny day.

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